Pieta House is a suicide and self-harm prevention organisation based in Ireland. They run a yearly peer-to-peer fundraising event called Darkness Into Light, a worldwide event in over 150 cities for over 200,000 participants. The project was to create a manifesto for their cause, to express their core in a strong way and give people energy and connection to the cause and each other.

Darkness Into Light

We wake up,
in the darkness.
by the thousands.
around the world.

We rise up,
to challenge stigma.
to battle self-harm.
to fight suicide.

We keep in our hearts,
those feeling trapped in a long night.
those haunted by sadness.
those families with an empty chair.

We are armed with the courage,
to talk.
to listen.
to care.

We walk shoulder to shoulder,
until we drive away the guilt of loneliness.
until we stop the breaking of a human spirit.
and we start connecting in conversation.

We walk together,
to meet the silence with our voices.
towards the promise of every new dawn.
embracing a world filled with light.

We walk on,
with unshaken purpose.
with undivided strength.
fuelled by compassion.

With every step,
we commit to acceptance.
we commit to hope.
we commit to life.