Goodget is a micro-franchising company selling affordable life improving products to the lower classes in Africa. The text below is the final edit of the core marketing message to make it more fluent and tanglible.

Goodget improves daily life. Our micro-franchise concept, with stores throughout Africa that offer smart, affordable goodgets (innovative products that improve life in developing countries), enables entrepreneurs in developing countries to establish a store and improve their own situation. The company’s credo is ‘trade not aid’. Making these smart products available for people in developing countries empowers people to solve their problems.

Goodget improves daily life. By taking home smart, affordable products that solve real issues, life gets better every day. Throughout Africa, the micro-franchising model enables local entrepreneurs to open their own store. From water filters to eyeglasses to solar chargers or lights, families in developing countries become empowered by the widely available products.