V. at The City creates city inspired designs for the home, made with craftsmanship. With social inclusion in the production process and carefully selected environmentally friendly materials, they think globally and act locally. With SEO in mind a detailed Tone of Voice was created from which the copywriting for the website was made. This included all the content for the website including the capture line, Homepage content as well as About us & How it’s made pages.


Inspired by The Diverse City

We love that every city is alive. It’s the diversity of the people who live there who influence the development. Together they make the city what it is. At V. at The City, we bring that detail into each of our designs. If you live there or you visited, the city leaves an unforgettable impression behind. What do you love about the city?

Each City is a Unique Gift

Catch that moment and gift yourself, or someone you love. Because a carefully crafted city gift is a great way to take a memory home. Especially when someone is visiting, for a birthday or a travel experience, a wedding or an anniversary, valentine’s day or the holidays, mother’s day or father’s day… Or to take with you as a lasting memory.

Design & Craftsmanship

Combining contemporary design with sustainable craftsmanship, each piece is unique. All our products are crafted with attention to detail using traditional techniques. And we know the people who make our products. Social employment is part of the production process and the material choice is environmentally friendly. We take pride in every step of the process.